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Clearblue digital pregnancy tests with conception indicators, Clearblue Digital leads the way in high tech pregnancy testing,

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test


Order Clearblue pregnancy tests and Clearblue ovulation tests on line 24 hrs a day.

       Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests- buy online
  • Cost:  RRP 15.99 for 2 test pack
  • Early:  From the first day of the missed period detects 90% of pregnancies
  • Sensitivity: Not disclosed by manufacturer
  • Easy:  Midstream digital Clearblue pregnancy tests
  • Fast:  Clear readout "PREGNANT" or "NOT PREGNANT"  
  • Accurate:  Clearblue Digital is over 99% accurate in clinical trials.
  • Ease of use:  Excellent. Clear instructions Clear display.
  • Batch Certification: Not available
  • Buy Online:   Same day dispatch. FREE UK delivery Buy Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests


  The Clearblue Digital pregnancy test was first  introduced onto the UK markets over 4 years ago and remains the flag ship high technology pregnancy test in the Unipath stable of home pregnancy tests marketed in the UK.  The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy test has been regularly updated and improved with the most recent upgrade being the inclusion of a conception indicator. By detecting the level of hcg in the urine, the electronics estimate the duration elapsed since conception, giving the user an estimate of the stage of pregnancy in weeks

The high end electronic reader only has sufficient battery power to perform the number of tests supplied with the unit. Hence no refills are available and the whole unit must be binned after completing the test(s) For this reason users are well advised to buy fresh stock with long expiry periods (look for over 12 months) as battery problems can occur at or near expiry dates.

Some problems have been reported with faulty readers, but these are rare. Most users report the test to be easy to use and like the simple digital readout of the result. The conception indictor is just an indication and should not be relied upon due to normal physiological variation.

The other common comment is its un-environmentally friendly features and construction. While packaging has been reduced since its introduction (the pack size has also reduced from 3 to 2 tests on the multi-pack) the digital, plastic and power components all constitute land fill mass. It is also one of the most expensive home pregnancy tests on the market today.